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What type broken window glass do you have? Is it plate glas, single or double-pane, tinted or textured glass, thermal-pane, door glaas, patio door glass or a skylight window. I s it residential or commercial?
Before You Call...
There are many types of windows and just as many different types of glass. In order for us to provide you with the best possible service you may want to take a few moments and gather the following information:
What is the approximate size of the window?
If you have a tape measure, use it to measure the height and the width of the broken glass pane (using appropriate caution, of course). Measure only the glass area. Better still, if there is an adjacient window which appears to be of a similar size, measure that one instead. We're not looking for exact sizes, just a fairly good idea of it. Don't have a tape measure? Use a sheet of copy paper - a typical one is about a foot long from top to bottom.
Is the window single-pane or double-pane?
A silver aluminum spacer near the sash or frame is a sure sign of a thermal window
This one trips up a lot of people, but it needn't. Look at the edge of the glass where it meets the sash or frame. Look for a silver spacer anywhere from a 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch thick. If you see a silver spacer, you most definitely have a double-pane (thermal) window.
If it is double-pane, are both panes broken?
This is important because many times a double-pane window with only one pane broken doesn't necessarily have to be boarded. It's also another way to ascertain that you do indeed have a thermal double-pane window.
What style of window is it?  (double-hung, a casement, a fixed plate glass window, door glass, a transom (above a door), a skylight window, a sliding patio glass door, a bay or bow window, etc)
This will give us more information regarding the repair. A transom window, for instance, is a particularly tough repair, as is a skylight window. A patio door glass always requires safety glass.
Is the glass clear or tinted/textured in any way?
Clear glass is what are our glass trucks are usually carrying. And though we stock certain types of tinted glass - frosted, bronze, gray, and green, unique styles of specialty glass must sometimes be ordered.
Is the window new (within 5 yrs), newer (5-20 yrs), or just plain old?
New and newer window typically have themal insulated window panes. Older (especially wooden) windows - known in the glass repair business as "hack-outs" - are almost always single-pane.
What material is the sash and frame - Vinyl, aluminum, or wood?
More information that will help us more clearly understand the nature of the repair and what type of glass will  be needed.
If the glass is in an older wooden door or above it, is the shape rectangular/square or arched/oval/round or have rounded corners?
Window and door glass other than rectangles and squares require a paper or wooden template to be made in order to assure a proper fit.
How badly broken is it? Does it just have a crack or is it smashed out?
Window glass that is badly broken requires immediate attention.
When it broke, did the glass shatter into hundreds of small pieces (much like the side window of a car) or into larger jagged (and very dangerous) shards.
Window glass that shatters into hundreds of small, fairly uniform pieces is tempered safety glass (typically patio doors contain tempered safety glass) and usually need to be replaced with that of the same or laminated safety glass. Check out our Glossary Of Glass Terms for more information on the various types of safety glass.
Is the window located on the first floor or the second floor?
Many windows are glazed (installed) from the outside only, making second floor installations more difficult.
If the broken window is the result of a break-in, have the police been there yet?
In such cases the police usually require us to wait until the fingerprint technician has completed his work.
Do you intend on having the window repaired today?
This insures that your window will be assigned the proper priority.
Has the window been boarded yet?
If we are unable to perform an on the spot repair for some reason (such as inclement weather, an unusually large size, or custom glass which needs to ordered) our glaziers need to be prepared to secure your property. They may also have to temporarily remove an existing board up to properly measure the glass. They will, of course, re-install it.
We realize that you're not a window glass expert, but knowing the answers to as many of these questions as possible will speed your service, as it increases the probability our worker will have the right type and thickness of glass to repair your window when they arrive.
Most importantly, though, try to steer clear of the broken window. Our people are professionals and know how to safely handle broken window glass. A glass company in Philadelphia Pa you can count on.
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