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  Glass Company FAQ
Q: Is there any cost to have Atlas Glass Company come out to give an estimate?
A: No. Though many other local glass companies now charge a small fee ($25-$50) to give estimates, you will never pay a fee for this service with us.
Q: If I have glass coverage, can I use any glass repair company of my choice?
A: Yes. You have the right to use whomever you please. 
Q: My insurance company said I had get 3 separate estimates and I really can't take that much time off work.  Is this correct?
No, absolutely NOT. Broken glass is a hazard to the property's occupants and those in the immediate area. A property owner has the right and the obligation to get it repaired immediately. Frankly, it's amazing that any insurance company would have the audacity to ask this of a customer.  A paid receipt from a glass company indicating the work has been done or has been ordered is all you need for reimbursement. A picture of the broken window and a copy of the police report (if applicable) can also help expedite the claim.
Q: Will the workers remove the broken glass from the premises and clean up satisfactorily after themselves?
A: Always. This is very important to us and will always be taken care of.
Q: Can I schedule an appointment at night or on the weekend in advance?
A: Yes. We will be happy to oblige you when possible.
Q: Is the emergency service available on holidays?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I have Atlas Glass Company fix my storefront glass window or door glass in New Jersey?
A: Yes. For commercial customers we service Camden and Burlington Counties in New Jersey in addition to Philadelphia and the suburbs. This includes 24/7 emergency service. 
Q: Can I replace a single-pane window with an insulated double-pane window without changing the frame?
A: Yes, if the existing frame supports the increased thickness of the insulated unit which is typically a 1/2 inch-3/4 inch thicker than the original glass
Q: Can I replace a broken or fogged double-pane (thermal) window with a single pane?
A: It is possible, but we generally advise against it. Double-pane  window sashes are designed specifically for thick, insulated units. That said,  a single-pane window, in most circumstances, can be fitted into a double-pane sash. The thermal advantages of the double-pane window would, of course, be lost. There is also a visual difference in the appearance of the window sash. However, there are instances when a customer has made it clear to us that they absolutely have to have a window in there that very day. After describing the differences and the process by which it's done, we will oblige them. Although the repair we perform is a permanent fix, it is sometimes done as a temporary measure when a customer has orderded a custom made insulated unit and doesn't want a boarded up window (restaurants, retail stores, even homeowners). The process by which it is done is actually more labor-intensive then either boarding it up or installing the new thermal unit. We have done this type of repair many times over the past 15 years and have had only one single complaint -  a homeowner who somehow managed to convince himself that we were going to install a single one-inch piece of glass into the sash (which would have (a) weighed close to 40 pounds (b) would have been bullet-proof and (c) cost us several hundred dollars. His money was refunded, we removed our glass and went our separate ways.
Q: Can I have plexi-glass or unbreakable Lexan (polycarb) panels installed over existing windows to prevent vandalism?
A: In most cases yes.
Q: Can I get tinted glass?
A: Yes. We sell bronze (brown), gray (black), and green-tinted glass. We also sell one-way mirrored privacy glass and frosted glass.
Q: What is the difference between tempered and laminated glass?
A: Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. It’s what’s used in the manufacture of windshields. To create a laminated piece of glass, two pieces of plate glass are sandwiched around a layer of rubber like laminate. When an object hits a piece of laminated glass, usually only the outer layer breaks. Because of the way it’s constructed, the glass is much harder to penetrate either from outside or from inside.
Tempered glass is float (plate) glass that’s specially heat treated then quickly cooled to increase its strength. So that if it breaks, it doesn't form dangerous shards. Rather, it produces hundreds of little pieces without the long sharp edges you find with regular broken glass.
Glass Company FAQ
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