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Home Window Glass Repair - Atlas Glass Repair Co.

Posted on 23 October, 2012 at 8:45 Comments comments (0)
When you find yourself in need of either commercial glass repair or home window repair Philadelphia and the surrounding metro area make sure you hire someone who specializes in professional glass replacement and repair to ensure the job is done correctly. No matter what your glass replacement needs may be, our experts specialize in all types of glass and can provide quality services backed with professionalism. You can count on us.
Our Philadelphia glass Replacement Services:
Glass Replacement
Replacement Glass
Window Glass
Glass Repair
Glass Repairs
Glass Replacements
Safe Glass
Glass Doors
Window Glass
Window Replacement
Glass Window Repair
Glass Service
Emergency Service
Board Up Service
New Commercial Storefront and Doors
Our glass experts are passionate about the glass replacement work that we perform for our clients. Atlas Glass Repair is a family owned and operated Philadelphia glass company serving the Delaware Valley for more than 15 years. We offer free estimates and same day services. With our experience we have earned the reputation of being a trusted and reliable Philadelphia glass company.
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130

Home Window Glass Repair Philadelphia - Atlas Glass Co.

Posted on 13 August, 2012 at 8:32 Comments comments (0)
Call Atlas Glass Co. at 215-432-8487 in the Philadelphia metro area for COMMERCIAL GLASS REPAIR & HOME WINDOW REPAIR. We are the Philadelphia metro area's premier glass & window repair company. We sell only the highest quality double-pane insulated thermal window glass units and replace only the glass - not the frame and sash. We can handle any type of home window repair or commercial glass repair. Call any time for 24 hour emergency service No auto glass repair, ,please
Back in the day, windows used to be little more than holes cut in walls to let light and air into rooms. With the addition of glass in movable frames, a major improvement in building comfort was achieved, allowing closed windows to let in light and block the winter chill.
Today they are decidedly more sophisticated, using new materials with more energy-efficient properties. The use of single pane glass has been replaced by double and occasionally triple panes, with advanced insulating materials separating the layers. Inert gasses such as argon and hergon have been pumped between the panes, adding to the window's insulating properties. In many cases the glass itself has been coated with high-tech material to further reflect heat.
These innovations mean that windows now significantly contribute to a home's comfort and overall energy efficiency. By admitting sunlight, they provide much needed warmth in winter, saving energy and lowering heating bills. Modern design techniques and the use of exterior shading concepts can also contribute to lower cooling costs in the summer. Sunlight passing through a window adds heat to a room - plain and simple - desirable in winter, not so much in the summer. Solar heat gain through windows may account for 35 percent or more of a home's summer cooling needs.
Window tints such as bronze, gray, and green keep out more of the sun's heat than clear glass does. Low-E glass used to lower window UV-factors can reduce a window's Solar Heat Gain.
Often the best strategy to reduce heat gain in the summer is to provide exterior shading through overhangs, awnings, shade screens and trees.
Call Atlas Glass Repair for plate glass repair, double pane window repair of any size, door glass repair, skylight repair, transom window repair or any other type of window glass repair. We have you covered.
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130
We provide window glass repair, door glass repair, home window repair, fogged window glass repair for home or business.