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Philadelphia Glass Repair - Atlas Glass Repair Co.

Posted on 14 March, 2013 at 12:12 Comments comments (0)
Atlas Glass Repair Co -215-432-8487 - Providing commercial glass repair & home window repair in Philadelphia Pa, Bucks, Montgomery & Delaware County. Call any time for immediate service.
Commercial glass repair is an important part of what we do at Atlas Glass Repair. Below are pictures of a commercial door glass repair we did for Little Ceasar's Pizza on Walnut Street in Philadelphia Pa. in March 2013. This particular repair involved cutting a piece of 1/4 inch clear laminated safety glass for an entrance door. The glass was cut on-site. This is a difficult maneuver when the weather is below fifty degrees - after the glass is scored and run-out on each side, it then must be heated with a butane torch to soften the plastic laminate located within the glass. At this point a razor blade it then used to cut the clear laminate. The edges of the glass are then smoothed with a diamond belt sander and the custom cut glass is then ready to be installed. All this was done within an hour.

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