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Atlas Glass Company In Philadelphia Pa - Fogged Window Repair

Posted on 29 March, 2014 at 22:17 Comments comments (0)
Looking for a glass company in Philadelphia for fogged window repair? Atlas Glass Repair Company Philadelphia does this repair on an almost daily basis. It is a fairly simple process performed seamlessly by our experienced workers.
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At your convenience an Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia rep will come out and get the specifics on the fogged window(s) that needs to be replaced. There are several variables which have to be taken into account (1) Overall size (2) Method of glazing (3) Specific type of glass to be used and (4) Whether or not the window has what are known in the business as muntins (decorative vertical and horizontal grid work which are located between the panes of glass). With this information in hand we can then give the customer an exact price to replace any fogged thermal window(s).
Please be aware that all after-market insulated glass units (IGUs) are not created equal. There is a growing trend among glass companies in Philadelphia to "make" their own insulated glass units in-house. What this entails is essentially gluing two pieces of glass together. There is very little technology involved with this process and ultimately results in an inferior product likely to fog  within a few years, if not sooner.
The Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) that Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia installs are high-quality, third-party manufactured units. We have been using the same manufacturer for over fifteen years who stands by their product, as does Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa If the customer wishes to proceed at this point the new thermal pane window is then ordered from our manufacturer and its production typically takes three-to-five workings days depending on the type of specific materials used on that particular type of window (size, type of glass, etc..). When the insulated glass unit is ready, Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa will return to the site and install the new thermal unit in the existing frame or sash. Whether it be several fogged windows you need repaired or just one, Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa is the one to call....
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