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Door Glass Repair

Posted on 3 September, 2014 at 5:23 Comments comments (0)
Door Glass Repair

Atlas Glass Repair Company in Philadelphia (215-432-8487) provides window, plate glass and door glass repair in Philadelphia and the surrounding metro area. Door glass repair is our specialty. Call seven days a week for service, three-hundred and sixty five days a year.  

Atlas glass repair does many glass door repairs during any given week. Below are photographs and descriptions of several door glass repair jobs we have completed recently -

Monday - A business owner on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia called with a broken door. Within an hour one of our trucks was on the job site. This particular door was a standard size Amerlite door which all of our trucks carry at least one of at all times. Our man was able to repair the glass door and completely clean up with thirty five minutes of arriving at the business.

Tuesday - We received a call from a homeowner with an older wooden front door with an intricately shaped glass opening. These particular types of glass door repair can be very time consuming as it is done in several distinct phases, making the template on site, then cutting the glass at the shop, then returning to install the glass. The whole process start to finish can take a whole afternoon. In this particular instance the job took three hours to complete.

Wednesday - This time it was a commercial door glass repair in center city Philadelphia, walnut street to be a exact. A coffee shop had a broken door glass and they called Atlas Glass Company. This door was what is known in the door glass repair business as a ADA door. An ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is an overly-wide door capable of allowing a wheelchair to pass through unemcombered. To repair this door a larger than typical sheet of laminated glass is needed. Larger than our trucks typically carry. Our man had to return the the shop and use a forty eight by ninety six inch sheet. Ultimately cutting it to a size of thirty nine by seventy eight. Americans with disabilities doors can cost several hundred dollars more than a standard size door glass repair. Thursday - A rare day for us without a door glass repair. Mostly just storefront window repair and replacement with a few residential windows mixed in.

Friday - First up, a bronze-tinted glass door repair at a Subway Restaurant in South Philadelphia. Bronze glass usually only comes in larger size sheets so our regular service trucks don't stock them. Our man had to return to the shop. Fortunately we had some bronze laminated door glass in stock there. After a half hour of so of cutting, our service technician returned to the store and completed the job. Like Americans With Disabilities doors, bronze tinting ( and gray and blue tinted) glass costs more than standard clear glass door repairs.

Call Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia at 215-432-8487 for any type of residential or commercial glass repair.

Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130    

Door Glass Repair

Posted on 14 August, 2014 at 7:08 Comments comments (0)
Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia does quite a few door glass repairs in the course of any given week. We stock both laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass for door glass repairs, as well as plexi-glass and unbreakable Lexan. Unlike the typical glass company in Philadelphia we also stock over-sized laminated glass sheets for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) doors. 

Call us anytime for door glass repair at 215-432-8487
Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130

This past week we did a door glass repair at International auto sales on Lancaster avenue in west Philadelphia. The existing door had an old piece of unbreakable lexan that had become scratched and yellowed over the course of a decade and the owner wanted clear laminated safety glass installed in there instead. After we installed the new glass the owner pointed out what he thought to be a defect in the glass. there were what appeared to be some type of swirls in the glass itself. After cleaning it repeatedly with a bottle of "dollar store" product (cleverly named "windax"). Over and over we tried to wipe the swirls clean, but had no luck. finally we broke out some simple ammonia and water.  because the swirls were oil-based the ammonia solution cut right through it. The owner of the business wanted to know how oil had gotten on the glass. He was convinced that the glass was defective and that the swirls were coming from the laminated polycarb film which is what makes laminated safety glass what it is.

I took a few moments and explained to him why there was oil on the glass and where it came from:  when laminated glass is cut to size for a door or a window there is a process which must be followed and is quite different and much more complex then when cutting ordinary plate glass. Because the glass has to be cut in layers, oil is added inside the glass cutter to make a better cut and to make the glass cut easier. It was this oil, which gets on the edges of the glass and is sometimes smeared onto the face of the door glass as well.

Call atlas glass repair co. for door glass repair and any type of glass door. We stock many types and configurations of door glass

atlas glass repair Philadelphia Pa
2000 Hamilton st Philadelphia Pa 19130