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Glass Repair

Posted on 17 January, 2017 at 12:44 Comments comments (4)

Call Atlas Glass Repair Company in Philadelphia at 215-432-8487. We perform both commercial glass repair and residential glass repair. Our experienced glaziers will have your glass repaired as soon as possible. We provide glass repair services throughout the City of Philadelphia and commericial glass repair within a twenty mile radius. We are a family owned and operated glass repair company with a impeccable reputation and top-notch credentials. Call us any time you need a glass repair - day or night, weekday or weekend. Like our slogan says, "We'll fix you good!"

Recent Jobs At Atlas Glass Repair Company

Monday: a commercial plate glass repair at a hair solon in Rittenhouse square in center city Philadelphia; a residential glass repair in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

Tuesday: a commercial glass door repair on Chestnut Street in center city Philadelphia; a plate glass window repair on Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia; a residential glass repair in West Philadelphia in the Powelton Section

Wednesday: a home window repair in Society Hill on Locust Street; a commercial door glass repair on Walnut Street in center city Philadelphia.

Thursday: a plate glass repair on Montgomery Street near Temple University; a commercial door glass repair on Spruce Street in University City; a residential glass repair on Sepviva Street in Fishtown;

Friday: a large commercial insulate unit glass repair at the Sugarhouse casino; a commercial door glass repair on 17th Street in center city Philadelphia; a residential glass repair on South Street

Need glass repair? Call Atlas Glass Repair Company seven days a week. We have you covered.

Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19130

A family-owned and operated Philadelphia Glass Company

Glass Repair

Posted on 30 December, 2016 at 7:44 Comments comments (2)

Need a glass repair? Call Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia at 215-432-8487 Get it fixed right and right away! Atlas Glass repair has been providing prompt, quality glass repair in the Philadelphia area for almost twenty years. We are  a family-owned and operated commercial glass company and a residential glass company too. We have satisfied thousands of customers throughout the years and will continue to do so long into the future.

When you call Atlas Glass Repair please be ready to answer the following questions:

1) What is your exact location and street address?
2) Is it a commercial glass repair or a residential glass repair?
3) How many windows do you need fixed? One? Two? Three....?
4) How badly broken is the window - just a crack or completely broken out?
5) What kind of window is it? Double hung? Crank out? Picture window? Skylight or transom?
6) Is the frame or sash vinyl, wood or metal? Older or Newer?
7) Is the window single-pane or double-pane? This is very important because single-pane broken windows can be fixed that very same day, whereas double-pane (thermal) windows have to be custom ordered.
8) Roughly how large or small is the window?
9) What floor is the broken window located on? 1st? 2nd? 3rd? etc..
10) Do you currently live in the house or is it tenant-occupied
11) When does this glass repair need to be done. Immediatly? Within the next few day?
11) Can you text us a cell phone picture of the widow in question?

By providing Atlas Glass Repair with this information, we can evaluate the situation and better reply to service your glass repair needs.

Atlas glass Repair Company - Family Owned and Operated
2000 Hamilton St.

Glass Repair

Posted on 14 March, 2016 at 13:11 Comments comments (0)
Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia, Pa  19130
215-432-8487  [email protected]

Atlas Glass Repair Company gets a lot of calls for glass repair. Typically customers ask two questions: how much will it cost and can they get the glass repair be done that very same day?

While it is difficult to answer these questions over the phone without actually seeing the broken window, if you provide us with some basic information we can usuallly give you a "ballpark" estimate. It also helps greatly if you can text us a picture of the window in need of glass repair (215-432-8487). You can also email the picture at [email protected] (Note: If you are going to send us a picture, try and photograph the broken window from across the room or from a distance if you are outside. Get the whole window in the picture so it gives us some perspective on the size).

As for whether or not it can be repaired that very same day, it depends on whether it is a single pane window or a double (thermal) pane window. Typically single pane windows can be repaired that very same day. Double (thermal or insulated) pane windows must be custom ordered from our manufacturer and takes several days to have made. 

The price of the glass repair depends on several variables. The overall size of the window, the type of glass, the difficulty of installation and the thickness of the glass.

When a customer calls for a glass repair and asks these questions, we will typically go through a checklist of questions. After asking these specific questions we can usually provide the customer with an over-the-phone "ballpark" estimate. Of course, the final price will be determined once the glass repair has been inspected by one of our experienced glass repair men.

Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
215-432-8487 [email protected]