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Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) - Put That Coffee Down! - 10 Classic Quotes

Posted on 5 May, 2016 at 6:50 Comments comments (0)
Best Quotes From Glengarry Glen Ross 

Released 1992
Directed by: James Foley
Screenplay by: David Mamet
Starring: Al PacinoJack LemmonAlan ArkinEd HarrisKevin SpaceyAlec Baldwin, Jonathan Pryce, etc.

The ultimate acting tour-de-force. No car chases. No explosions. No chicks in bikinis (no chicks at all, actually), just a couple of guys sitting around talking. I'm the only one at Atlas Glass Repair that actually watches and appreciates this flick, but what a flick it is. Alec Baldwin's ten minute performance is some of the most powerful acting on film. I wonder though if screenwriter David Mamet was paid by the F-bomb (138 times). Glengarry Glen Ross quotes:

* "The rich get richer, that's the law of the land." - Dave Moss
* "You call yourself a salesman, you son of a @#$%?" - Blake
* "Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is your fired." - Blake
* @#$% you! ... That's my name." - Blake
* They're sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it?... Are you man enough?" - Blake
* "You've got the memory of a @#$%! fly." - Dave Moss
* "Williamson! Williamson! Put me on the board! Put me on the Cadillac board!" - Shelley Levene
* "You see? Because this is how we keep score, Bubbie!" - Ricky Roma
* "Who ever told you you could work with men?" - Ricky Roma
* "You know your business, I know mine. Your business is being an @#$%!!. " - Ricky Roma
* "Will you go to lunch? Will you go to lunch?. Will you go? WILL YOU GO TO LUNCH?!!!!" - Williamson
* "Bruce and Harriet Nyborg??? Do you want to see the memos? THEY'RE NUTS!" - Williamson
* "Because I don't like you..." - Williamson

So much for explosions and car chases. This is one intense flick. I don't know what I admire more, the script, James Foley's direction or the ensemble acting. Jack Lemmon steals the show, though.

Glengarry Glen Ross Trivia: The Alec Baldwin character (Blake) was not in the stage version (also written by David Mamet). The cast included four Academy Award winners and two nominees. David Mamet won a Pulitzer Price in 1984 for writing the stage version. 

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