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Glass Company

Posted on 30 September, 2014 at 8:43
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It was another busy one last week here at Atlas Glass Repair Company. Emergency service, construction jobs, residential glass repair, the occasional storefront window replacement and as always, door glass repair. This is what we were up to:

Our glass company did a storefront glass repair in Old City in Center City Philadelphia. Over the years we have done many storefront window repairs in Old City and most of them have one thing in common - they are very much out of square, some of them obscenely so. This one was one of the bad ones. In some places it was out of square by more than two inches. Added to which we were installing laminated safety glass, which is difficult to re-cut, as it is sometimes necessary to do when a window is significantly out of square. Fortunately we've had a lot of experience in this type of window. We first made a template out of quarter-inch luan to make sure we got it right, which we did.  It was, however, very time consuming.

A door glass repair in University City in West Philadelphia. This restaurant was a long time customer of Atlas Glass Repair Company and one of our guys (with a pretty good memory) actually remembered the exact size from several years ago.

We had a whole crew at a house in Society Hill replacing quite a few older style putty-set "hack-out" windows. This style of window repair is very "low-tech", consisting essentially of a hammer & chisel. Three of our men spent the whole day working there.

Once again we had a whole crew working together doing a mirror job at a new gym in Cherry Hill, NJ. Atlas Glass Repair Company usually only leaves Philadelphia for commercial jobs such as this. Of course when we're in the city we handle both residential and commercial glass repairs. Ask any glass company worker about mirror jobs and they will tell you that compared to regular exterior glass repair jobs they are a complete and absolute pleasure. As far as we're concerned, mirror glass companies have it made in the shade.

We had a door glass repair to do in the Italian Market in South Philadelphia first thing in the morning. This was the buildings original glass door from the nineteen fifties. As it turned out, it still had its original plate glass in it from sixty years ago. While this is dangerous, it was still legal because that glass was "grand-fathered" in at the time that the powers to be declared that all door glass repairs had to be performed with one of the three types of safety glass - laminated safety glass, tempered safety glass or wire glass. 

Then a second door glass repair on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. Later that afternoon we did a plate glass repair in Center city Philadelphia near 13th and Chestnut street.

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