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Against All Odds (1984) "Don't Let This Punk Beat You!" 10 Best Quotes

Posted on 12 April, 2016 at 8:37
Against All Odds (1984) "Don't Let This Punk Beat You!" 10 Best Quotes

Against All Odds (1984) Directed by: Taylor Hackford
Screenplay: Eric Hughes
Based on the movie: Out Of The Past (1947)

Welcome to Against All Odds, The Glass Dude's favorite 1980's film noir movie. Set in L.A. and Mexico (against a backdrop of authentic Mayan Ruins), this flick has a great mix of action and drama, and is filmed beautifully by DP Donald E. Thorin. This movie really has it all - a great femme fatale, a likable protagonist, and a perfectly sleazy James Woods as the antagonist. It also has an absolutely great supporting cast with minor parts that makes the whole flick click just right.

It is a must see for anyone who hasn't and is definitely worth re-visiting for those who have. The glass repair shop boys I work with aren't capable of appreciating this gem, so it doesn't get shown much during our many down times, but I still pop it in the old VCR every once in a while to relive some of my wayward youth. Enjoy the best quotes -

* "Jake wants to see you..." - Tommy
* "I don't know what she did to get away from him, what matters is that she got the hell away from him. Why don't you drink to that?" - Mrs. Wyler
* "I can kick myself out, thanks..." - Terry Brogan
* "What is it exactly you don't like, football players, tacos or beer?" - Terry Brogan
* "Do what? Take him to a Mexican Jail with a body and a gun? Are you crazy?" - Jessie
* "It's a little dirty, but not so dirty you won't sleep nights." - Jake Wise
* What about Sully? You remember him, don't you... that guy we killed down there in the jungle?" - Terry Brogan
* You're still trying to kill me, aren't you, Jessie? Well, this time I might just be dead." - Jake Wise
* ... So I have to go into business with some very strange people... Like that @#$#$% next to you." - Ben Caxton
* He got you into this... Now convince me your not an @#$-hole." - Ben Caxton
* "Don't let this punk beat you! It can still work! Sully the trainer, Kirsch the lawyer, and Brogan the Player...  All cheating each other on the Fix!" - Jake Wise
* "Right in my face! Right in @#$%$% face! - Jake Wise

The film also features a really great soundtrack that captures both the essence of L.A. and the subtleties of Mexico. The movie poster has garnered a certain amount of fame as being a classic. Viva the 80's, baby!

Useless Trivia: Jane Wyman (Mrs. Wyler) also starred in the movie this film is based on - 1947's Out Of The Past, a film-noir classic in and of itself; The thrilling Sunset Boulevard street race scene (through traffic, no less) is staged with porsche 911 and a Ferrari 308;

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