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Fogged Window Repair

We can replace just the thermal glass unit and use the existing sash and frame. Call Atlas Glass Repair for fogged window glass repair in Philadelphia, Pa. Call any time to set up an appointment for a free estimate. We are the premier glass company in Philadelphia Pa for fogged window repair. Atlas Glass Company sells only the highest-quality manufactured insulated glass units (IGU's).


A thermal window (also referred to as an insulated window or double-pane window) gets "fogged" when the seal has been compromised, allowing atmosphere and water vapor to seep into what previously had been an air-tight chamber. Most often this occurs from the normal process of expansion and contraction a thermal window is subjected to daily as it is heated during the day and cooled at night. Windows that generally get the most amount of direct sunlight incur the most stress and are usually the first to go.

Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia Pa can replace the fogged window using the existing frame & sash

Once the seal is broken there is no effective way to re-seal it, and the thermal window (in the glass repair business we refer to them as a "unit") almost certainly will begin to get fogged. And while it may start out as a just barely noticeable smear, it will only get worse with the passing of time. And perhaps even worse, along for the ride with the water vapor that enters the thermal unit are mold spores and microorganisms. In some extreme instances we've seen windows that have gone beyond being just fogged and have actually turned green with mold. Yikes!

To correct the problem you can either get an entirely new window from a window replacement company or you can have a glass repair company such as ours come out and replace just the thermal "unit," using the existing sash or frame.

Give us a call to make an appointment for a free estimate on any fogged window(s) you may have. A glass company in Philadelphia Pa you can count on.

Atlas Glass Repair can replace the fogged unit in the window
Fogged Window Repair Philadelphia - Atlas Glass Repair Philadelphia Pa

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